What are Domain Bundles?

When large businesses are expanding their online presence, one of their most common methods is to buy a large number of domain names all at the same time. This is often called domain bundling or bulk registration. The practice is designed to make sure that companies cover all of their bases, so that a domain like "company.com" would not be the only way for customers to find that company's online presence. Instead, via bulk registration and bundling, business owners would also buy "company.net" and "company.cc" and scores of other domains that feature the same name with a different suffix. In some cases, bulk registration may even see the company purchase misspellings of their name in an effort to guard against spam websites and customer exploits.

Bulk Registration Comes with a Series of Attractive Benefits

The reason that bulk registration of domain names has remained so popular is simply that it carries far too many benefits for the average business owner to ignore. Indeed, bulk registration helps companies reduce their costs, improve customer conversion, and increase the ubiquity of their online presence. These benefits happen in a number of key ways.

1. Domain Bundling Reduces the Per-Domain Cost of Registration

Domain registrars have long encouraged the use of bulk registration among business clients, largely because the practice benefits their bottom line in a big way. To make the process more attractive, almost all major registrars offer a bulk discount when securing large numbers of domains at the same time. Typically, bulk discounts start at around 50 simultaneous registrations and increase as the number of domains registered goes up. Though the savings is small on a per-domain basis, the overall impact of bulk savings can be massive when companies are registering hundreds of related, misspelled, or differently suffixed names.

2. Customer Conversion and Retention Improves Through Bulk Registration

One of the primary goals of bulk registration is to prevent hackers and spammers from misleading customers, exploiting their personal information, and abusing their trust. For this reason, almost all bulk registration focuses on securing the company's name in combination with every local, national, and international domain name suffix currently on the market. Companies might register domains ending in .US, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CC, and many others. They may also add words like "the" or "a" to the domain as a preventative measure. Many companies register common misspellings of their domain name as well as common company slogans or terms.

As a result, customer retention improves dramatically. Customers who misspell the company's name are guided to the proper destination regardless, instead of to a malicious or exploitative website that has been formed solely to defraud paying customers. This improvement in availability, trust, and service, is good for business.

3. Bulk Registration is Quick and Effortless

Typically, bulk registration allows the domain buyer to enter uniform contact, DNS, and support information for all domains at the same time. The domains are active within 24 hours of purchase depending on the time it takes for DNS changes to fully propagate around the world. In a matter of moments, the process has helped business owners secure hundreds of domains, protect their customers from online exploits, and boost the visibility of their product line across the board.

An Excellent Way to Quickly Protect Company Image and Trust

Bulk registration allows companies to painless and seamlessly register their name, slogans, and other branding marks, with every major suffix available. This process reduces the cost of registration, improves customer retention, and generates greater trust of the brand. For these reasons, it remains a popular practice for organizations of nearly all sizes.

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