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Company Profile

GoDaddy is an inescapable force in any discussion of domain registrars. In a decade, thanks in no small part to its plentiful promotional deals, it has grown into a veritable empire: serving 12 million customers, it is the largest domain registrar (and web hosting provider) in the world. GoDaddy, its support of various causes and its provocative Super Bowl commercials, have drawn worldwide attention and helped GoDaddy maintain its reign over the domain registration market.

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Domain Services

To say GoDaddy offers an abundance of TLDs is a gross understatement. At the time of writing, GoDaddy supplied 974, with new choices constantly being introduced to a selection that is already the most extensive in the industry. You can also perform bulk domain searches (and GoDaddy’s bulk domain registration prices can’t be beat). GoDaddy offers nearly every variation of domain services you could think of international domains, private registration, certification, protected registration, SSL security is included with every hosting plan (and each site is provided with an SSL certificate to broadcast security credentials to site visitors).

Additional Services:

No small part of GoDaddy’s success at attracting customers can be attributed to its registration and web hosting package deals; in fact, nearly all domain registration plans offer some web hosting elements (most notably GoDaddy’s InstantPage™ site builder.)

Basic Pricing

Pricing per year1 Year5 Years10 Years


Note that GoDaddy offers discounts for bulk registrations (up to 500). For example, 21-49 .coms domain will cost only $9.99. Renewal rates marginally increase. (e.g. .com renewal for a year costs $14.99).

Customer support

You can get in touch with one of GoDaddy’s 4000 employees 24/7 by calling one of its many region-specific technical support lines, and receive assistance from GoDaddy’s in-house specialists in Spanish or English. You can also utilize live chat support from 5 AM to midnight MST. GoDaddy’s support team has won several industry awards, so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands no matter what method of customer support you choose. GoDaddy’s product blog supplies you with the latest news and any relevant updates about GoDaddy’s services, and a searchable database of help articles. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn make receiving updates and communications from GoDaddy easier and more convenient than ever.

Bottom line

GoDaddy offers a solid suite of services at famously low prices, bolstered by award-winning 24/7 customer support, making GoDaddy a viable choice for millions.

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